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Hi guys! My name is benedict or you might know me as "benaf" online.

I am currently studying at Singapore polytechnic in a common infotech programme and hopefully i am able to get into the diploma in infocomm security management in semester 2.

In my spare time, I play CS:GO (Counter-strike Global-offensive) competitively and other games in my free time.

I am 17 this year and one of my goals is to qualify for a major competition before i reach the age of 21.


I started playing computer games when i was 8.

My brother introduced me to a game called Team fortress 2, and from then on i was pulled into the first-person shooter genre. 2 years later, I discovered the first version of Counter-Strike and started playing it everyday after school. I improved drastically over the years and soon when Counter-Strike Global-Offensive came out in 2012, I immediately purchased the game and started playing it.

My brother noticed that i was very good in the game and introduced me to the world of e-sports and i was amazed at the fact that you are able to not only earn money playing a game you love and enjoy but rather also being able to travel overseas to compete.

From 2016 onwards, i started playing the game professionally and have attended many competitions.